Incident Investigation

At the CHELIS Group, we understand the importance of quickly responding to and investigating workplace incidents. Our consultants are often asked to respond at short notice to assist our clients with incident investigations.

Any investigation must start with the collection of witness statements, photos and facts surrounding the event. The focus then turns to a thorough analysis of the facts related to the people involved, the relevant workplace procedures and the equipment and environment involved. It is only once these facts are analysed that the immediate and underlying causes of the incident can be determined.

Our consultants recognise that sometimes the analysis of an incident can identify shortcomings in the workplace safety management systems. However, it is only through the identification of these deficiencies that appropriate steps and measures can be implemented to prevent similar circumstances from recurring.

The investigation techniques used by our consultants can be adjusted to suit your organisations protocols, and if required can follow recognised investigation techniques such as ICAM, TapRoot, Root Cause Analysis or others.

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